Summer Never Was

by Dead Surf

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Randy Moore - Keyboard/Vocals
Kelsey LopezdeVictoria - Guitar/Vocals
Michael Roberts - Bass
Lee Garrett- Drums


released March 19, 2013

"Summer Never Was" recorded, mixed, and mastered by Damian Herring, Summer 2012.



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Dead Surf Columbia, South Carolina

Combining catchy pop hooks with intertwining male and female vocal harmonies, these surf-inspired jams are perfect for any spontaneous road-trip to the beach, or equally spontaneous liquor run.

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Track Name: Foolish Charm
I wanted more than it was but now you’re gone
Red lights and bar fights are the only seeds I’ve sown
Can you lend a hand to a man less bold
Or terrorize this on end as long as the memory holds

You know your foolish charm got this dreamer dreaming
Oh the alarm as I see you leaving
And so I try but there ain’t no pleasing, no

I walked behind but you changed your mind
It’s slow and it’ll further deceive you when you want it to leave you
How low, I tried to believe I gave a final plea
Still you go, you go

The fever ran high but you won’t try anymore
It’s a losing game with a deceiving name you swore
And even though I loved you more than I could show
A door slam echoes this trend we've come to know
Track Name: Party
Let's have a party
Fall in love one swig at a time
Let's have a party
What's yours, was yours, is mine

I know you're tired of believing
We're doing something worth your time
Well maybe now that you're leaving
You'll leave my mind, leave me behind

Let's have a party
Maybe drugs can make me smile
Let's have a party
Be happy for a while

Makes more sense I'm alone now
Alone again with all my friends
They're not thinking about me
An empty heart always mends

Let's have a party
So I'm not the only one who cries
Let's have a party
Dry my mouth, dry my eyes
Let's have a party
And drink all day long
Let's have a party
Doesn't seem like something's wrong

I know my mind is the problem
Won't stop making thoughts
Smoke me silly, put me down
My memory needs another shot

Let's have a party
Give me drugs give me drugs give me drugs
Let's have a party
Give me love give me love give me love give me love give me love
Track Name: Sunburn
I think I know you
I think I seen you before
Let's go swimming
Let's go tear up the shore

I know that you don't think I'm the right one
No baby I'm not even a nice one
Just give me a chance

The sun is burning
And we can too if you're down
But that won't happen
If you're never around

I know that they're all talking about me
But that don't mean you have to ignore me
Just give me a chance

I know that you don't think I'm the right one
Now baby I'm not even a nice one
Just give me a chance
Track Name: Swamp Thing
I've got hate in my heart but I don't wanna hurt you
I'm going to bed cuz I don't wanna hurt you
I've got ten times the fear in me trying to throw this away

But things I can't reach
Are like the stories that you preach
And if you meant that you loved me
Then you should have called me back

Now my throat is raw and it seems like you'll hurt me
The water turns scarlet, you say you won't hurt me
It keeps gettin' the time that these people say
You've got to go away

They thought that you was jokin'
But I knew that you'd been tokin' and
They won't recognise me if I can make it
Through this night alone

I've got hate in my heart but I don't wanna lose you
I gave you my heart
Is that why I lose you?